What We Do

We specialize in tax planning and tax return preparation

We concentrate on individual, trust, estate and gift tax returns, and on business tax returns including assistance in preparing financial information. 

We are well versed in complex tax returns involving multiple limited partnership (including MLP) interests with K-1 entry, extensive capital investment portfolios, property investments, business ownership, overseas interests, foreign tax credits, multi-state incomes, and trust and estate entities.

Our core services:

Tax optimization planning

Tax return preparation, including high net-worth individuals

Accounting and limited bookkeeping support

Tax and accounting advice for business formation

Tax scenario analysis

Assisting in issues with the IRS and other tax authorities

Divorce-related financial and tax analysis

Forensic tax and accounting analysis

We bring decades of experience and current knowledge of the tax environment to each task.

What We Deliver

  • Our client outcomes: 
  • Minimized tax liabilities
  • Clarity regarding tax situations
  • Financial decisions with minimized tax impact
  • ​Prevention of tax problems

The Client Experience at Berkeley Tax & Accounting

We work patiently, delivering on our promise of the most favorable tax outcomes for our clients. 

We focus deeply on each client’s experience.  Our clients benefit from our careful, attentive approach. The result is exceptional quality, comparable to or exceeding that of major accounting firms. 

 Our clients appreciate the fact that we concentrate only on our core tax practice, every day of the year.  This way, we are able to take the time we need for problem-solving, overcoming obstacles, researching new possibilities, and communicating fully with our clients. 

Our clients value our hallmark qualities:


Continuous thinking

 We treat no tax returns as simple or routine.  We think deeply about our client’s entire tax situation at each step to correctly define the need and arrive at the right solution in the face of many layers of laws, rules and exceptions.   

Exploring alternative possibilities

By constantly asking “what if” and “why” questions, we save our clients substantial sums while also preventing future tax issues.  Questioning is a great way to challenge assumptions, test and validate data, identify missing information, review scenarios and catch opportunities.    

Focusing attention on quality in each detail

A misplaced digit or the wrong “click” on a tax return can create a huge difference in the amount of taxes due.  This is not just about checking for accuracy.  Preventing small (but serious) errors requires deep knowledge, experience, and a patient approach at every step.

Engaging our client

We take the time to ask and answer questions, seek more information, make suggestions and present recommendations to our clients.  Such communication can easily occupy most of the time in preparing a tax return.


Client engagement helps us avoid leaping into return preparation without the best data -- a common CPA pitfall in this cost-pressured world.  


Most importantly, client engagement is critical for delivering clarity, peace of mind and foresight.